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I bought this product yesterday while at the local pet store. I wanted to give my cat a bath because I saw a flea earlier yesterday.

I gave him a bath around 3pm...right after he started foaming at the mouth. I thought it was because he licked it, and then it was bubbles or something.

Continued foaming at the mouth, then breathing funny. poor guy was down all day. I only used a little bit of the soap and followed directions on the bottle.

late night, he continued foaming, ate a little, but then would try licking and he couldn't do it, just started foaming again.

finally called the vet in the middle of the night and she said the product is made with some stuff that will make them sick after they try cleaning themselves.

I had to immediately wash him again, but with dawn dishsoap, then rinse twice. he seems fine after that, but of course the fleas are still just hanging out, didn't kill them one bit even.

I will not use this product ever again, so beware about using this could harm your pet.

i have also seen multiple reviews on these products doing the same thing, if not killing their pet.

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Killed my cat...

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